Special Membership Groups

While all of our members love Central Park, some choose to join a smaller, tight-knit community of individuals dedicated to unique causes or special projects. Connect with people who share your particular interests and help build a more beautiful Park together.

 Women’s Committee Membership

This passionate group of women is dedicated to the beautification and preservation of Central Park and proudly hosts four of New York's premier charitable events each year.

Playground Partners and denizens gathering leaves

Dedicated to maintaining the quality and cleanliness of Central Park's playgrounds, this group raises funds specifically for the Park's 21 playgrounds.

Members of the Greensward Circle

The Greensward Circle is the Conservancy's network of young professionals, a dynamic group that hosts year-round networking and benefit events in support of Central Park (members age 21-39).

A Chairman's Circle event

Chairman's Circle members are the life-blood of Central Park, providing a significant portion of the Conservancy's annual funding through unrestricted gifts of $25,000, $50,000, and more.

An outdoor event of the President's Circle

President’s Circle members are key partners in helping sustain Central Park on a daily basis, providing significant funding through unrestricted gifts of $10,000 or more.