Belvedere Castle Audio Guide

Enjoy an English-language audio guide to Belvedere Castle, and immerse yourself in fascinating details and the site’s rich history.

Welcome to Belvedere Castle

Envisioned by Central Park co-designer Calvert Vaux in 1869, this architectural gem sits atop Vista Rock, offering visitors sweeping views of the Park and its cityscape. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery—“belvedere” fittingly translates to “beautiful view” in Italian—along with fascinating details about the whimsical Castle, colorful pavilions, spacious plaza, and the rocky outcropping, while immersing yourself in the site’s rich history.

The Belvedere Castle Audio Guide is available in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

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Narrated by Jasmine Cephas Jones

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Belvedere Audio Tour

  • Stop #1


    Get an overview of the Belvedere Audio Guide and learn what we mean by "the Belvedere."
  • Stop #2

    Geology and Topology

    Learn about Vista Rock, the rock outcropping on which the Belvedere sits, and how the land's topography shaped the Park’s design.
  • Stop #3

    Jacob Wrey Mould's Pavilion

    Explore the colorful pavilion and learn how the Central Park Conservancy works to restore and maintain the Park’s treasures.
  • Stop #4

    The Folly

    Why is there a castle in Central Park? Listen and find out!
  • Stop #5

    The Views from Belvedere

    Use the Belvedere for what it was intended — to take in the sweeping views of Central Park!
  • Stop #6

    The Weather Bureau

    Learn how the Federal Weather Bureau used and altered this famous landmark.
  • Stop #7

    Belvedere Castle Reborn

    Hear how the Central Park Conservancy saved Belvedere Castle from near abandonment.
  • Stop #8

    Turtles and Trees

    Skim the tops of the trees and learn about some of the Park’s animal inhabitants.
  • Stop #9

    The Terrace Views

    Although New York City will always change, Central Park and the Belvedere remain a constant.