7th Regiment Memorial

The 7th Regiment Memorial

The 7th Regiment Memorial honors the 58 men of New York’s 7th Regiment who died in the Civil War. Officers and members of the regiment banded together to pay for the sculpture, crafted by John Quincy Adams Ward. Ward himself unveiled the sculpture during its dedication in 1874.

Rather than memorializing a general or grand tactician of battle, the bronze figure depicted is an ordinary soldier, his face resolute and his hands at rest on his rifle. Frederick Law Olmsted, the co-designer of the Park, suggested the statue's pose. The statue was originally slated to stand at Warrior's Gate at Central Park North and Seventh Avenue, but it stands today in the original spot selected by Olmsted.

John Quincy Adams Ward, an American sculptor, has several other works featured in Central Park, including The Pilgrim, Indian Hunter, and William Shakespeare.


West Side at 69th Street

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