The Pool


Weeping willows hang low over the grassy banks of the Pool while a rushing waterfall enlivens the serene landscape. The area offers some of the Park’s best fall foliage and wildlife sightings: visitors may notice many species of birds, fish, and amphibians. Cross over the rustic bridge at the Pool’s eastern edge for a picturesque entrance into the North Woods.

The Pool’s origins can be traced back to one of the only natural watercourses within the borders of the Park: Montayne’s Rivulet. Co-designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux dammed up the stream, diverting water northeastward to form the Loch and Harlem Meer. What remained was the Pool, a healthy environment for wildlife and an idyllic retreat for Park visitors. At the southwest end of the Pool is a grotto containing one of many secrets behind Central Park’s construction: its running water is fed by the Reservoir through a 48-inch pipe beneath the boulders.


West Side at 100th-103rd Streets

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Glenspan Arch

West Side at 102nd Street


Mid-Park at 102nd Street

Springbanks Arch

Mid-Park at 102nd Street