Celebrate Earth Month with the Central Park Conservancy

Connect with nature in the heart of New York City!

Join us for Earth Month as we celebrate Central Park’s rich ecosystems and their impact on New York City’s urban environment. The Park’s water bodies, plants, and wildlife provide essential benefits to New York City’s residents and visitors. Greenspaces like the Park improve our mental health, provide opportunities for recreation, clean the air, reduce flooding risks, and combat the urban heat island effect.

Of course, these greenspaces should be celebrated and protected beyond Earth Month. The Conservancy has taken strides toward environmental sustainability by implementing a robust trash/recycling program, converting our fleet to electric carts, and restoring ecosystems. To build on these efforts and underline our commitment to the environment, the Conservancy is dedicated to improving our environmental impact and stewarding a thriving Park that serves as the home to thousands of plants and animals. Our team is continuously assessing ways to improve our work and educate Park users on how they can play a role in creating a more sustainable greenspace.

Central Park’s land has a long history that includes the prehuman glaciation period, stewardship by the Lenape people, woodland clearance during British colonization, Black landownership for Seneca Village residents in the 1800s, and the subsequent construction of the Park. Through initiatives like the Central Park Climate Lab, the Conservancy is researching human relationships with the landscape and how modifications to the land impact the Park and its surrounding communities.

Earth Month is a special opportunity to explore this remarkable habitat, better understand the living world around us, and uncover complex environmental stories. Please join us by exploring the programming below.