Fall Guide

The season known for its vibrant color palette, crisp weather, and myriad of migratory birds is here. Explore the Central Park Conservancy’s official fall guide, guaranteed to give you an amazing autumn in the Park.

As the hours of daylight slowly dwindle and the cool weather prompts the return of hoodies and sweaters, Central Park begins to show its true colors.

Looking for a front-row seat at the foliage fashion show? Our interactive fall foliage tracker is here! Conservancy arborists are out in the Park every day caring for the trees and letting New Yorkers know where to find the best and brightest foliage, so revisit this interactive map for continuous updates.

Keep reading to figure out what to add to your fall bucket list, learn about birds' migration patterns, find a peaceful spot to people- and wildlife-watch, and more.

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“Fall” into the Swing of Things in Central Park

We could go on endlessly about why we love caring for Central Park—and we have! After you spend some time enjoying the Park’s spectacular fall foliage, relax by reading our robust online magazine to learn about the Conservancy’s work, how we care for this space, and the history behind the creation of the Park.

FALLing in love with Autumn

Whether it’s enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Park’s woodlands or revisiting iconic landmarks, there’s so much for newcomers and frequent visitors alike to explore this season.

Get to Know the Park with a Conservancy Guide

Interested in an even more tailored Park experience? Look no further than our expert Conservancy staff and their decades of Park research. Our staff offers in-person and virtual tours, online weekly walks, and handy maps for your self-guided tours.

Pub 2023 09 Main News IMG Doggy
The Doggy-Dos (and Don’ts) of Central Park

The Park Needs Us

Central Park may feel like one big dog park, but there are a few rules to help everyone enjoy their time and stay safe. Don’t worry, it’s nothing more complicated than “Sit, stay, fetch!”

Follow along as a Central Park pup leads a tour through the north end to some of his favorite spots.

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