Jigsaw Puzzles

Soothe your mind and help pass the time with these Park-themed jigsaw puzzles.

These puzzles feature a few of our favorite sights within Central Park. Share your finished product using #myCentralPark!

The Lake

The Lake—surrounded by five boat landings, each offering their own distinct vistas—is the Park’s largest man-made body of water.

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Bow Bridge

Long and low to the water, the graceful Bow Bridge resembles the bow of an archer or a violinist and is famously one of the Park's most romantic spots.

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The Obelisk

Known by some as “Cleopatra’s Needle,” the 3,000-year-old Obelisk is the oldest man-made object in Central Park as well as the oldest outdoor monument in New York City, with an impressively rich history.

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