Lawn Restorations

Starting this spring, select areas of Pilgrim Hill, Naturalist’s Walk and north of James Michael Levin Playground will be closed from late May to early fall. During this time the Conservancy will install temporary fencing, remove the existing turf and install new sod to establish healthier, more sustainable and weed-resistant grass.

Every year millions of visitors enjoy the Park’s free, open green spaces for relaxation and gatherings. The Conservancy takes tremendous pride in maintaining and caring for beloved spaces like the Great Lawn, Sheep Meadow, and Great Hill. However, with any popular space comes wear and tear that can create lasting damage if not tended to properly. Central Park’s lawns are no different. Particularly during these last several years where New Yorkers flocked to the Park in rain, sun or snow, extended heavy use combined with shortened rejuvenation time has taken its toll. The Conservancy’s landscape management team has identified several locations with worn out and compacted soil, increased susceptibility to erosion, soil loss and weed invasion.


To learn more about how we care for the lawns, check out these helpful resources:

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