Park Perimeter Restoration

Our work to restore the Park’s perimeter is addressing pavement conditions, improving accessibility, and replacing existing benches and lost trees.

Most of the Park’s six-mile perimeter has not been restored since the sidewalks and tree margins were paved in the existing patterns in the 1930s to 1940s. The Conservancy’s work includes replacing the central walkway’s hexagonal asphalt block pavers, resetting the granite block in the tree margins that flank the walkway, replacing existing pavements at bus stops with accessible granite block pavers, reconstructing existing curbs and pedestrian ramps, and replacing existing benches in their original pattern, which has been altered over time. Gaps between the trees that flank the sidewalk are being filled in with new trees as work continues.

Fifth Avenue perimeter before construction

Perimeter before reconstruction

The Conservancy has completed perimeter work from West 60th to West 62nd Street, East 60th to East 65th Street, and West 86th to West 90th Street. Work is currently underway from East 85th to East 90th Street.

A Conservancy worker checking if the boards of a concrete form are level

Perimeter construction

Workers and heavy equipment prepare a section of the perimeter stripped of stone and concrete.

Perimeter construction

Also in the area