Spring Guide

After a cold winter, it’s time to turn our cabin fever into spring fever! As the days stretch longer and the temperatures inch higher, Central Park beckons with promises of rejuvenation and exploration.

Shake off those winter blues, watch your screen time dwindle, and step into a world adorned with nature's finest palette of bright blooms. These 843 acres are here to help you swap digital distractions for quality time outdoors.

We know you can’t wait to feel the sun on your skin again, so we’ve put together our Spring Guide to help get you started. Here, you’ll find the best seasonal highlights, exciting activities, family-friendly opportunities, and helpful tips to help you plan your days in these luscious landscapes.

So, join all the fascinating creatures awakening from their winter slumber and head out into Central Park to celebrate this thrilling season!

Handpicked Articles

Let your brainpower bloom this season and get to know the intricacies of Central Park! Learn all about the Conservancy’s work, how we care for this space, and the history behind the Park on our magazine.

Fun Finder

Explore our interactive map: Your ultimate guide to a delightful day in the Park! You'll find prime picnic spots, an array of kid-friendly activities, playground highlights, and more—everything you need for Park trip packed with seasonal joy for the whole family.

Get to Know the Park with a Conservancy Guide

Interested in a more tailored Park experience? Look no further than our expert Conservancy staff and their decades of Park research. Our staff offer in-person and handy maps for your self-guided tours.

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The Park Needs Us

Talk Trash with Us

During the busy summer season, the Central Park Conservancy’s Maintenance team emptied 150 tons of garbage each month! That’s the weight of around 30 adult elephants. Over just one day, the team empties each of the Park’s approximately 1,000 trash cans 10 to 20 times. Our Trash Talk video series follows the Maintenace team to discover what it takes to keep the Park clean 365 days a year.

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