Meet the Trees of Central Park

Your support can help keep the Park’s trees healthy.

When you visit Central Park, you spend time with many of the approximately 18,000 trees that grow here. From flowering cherries to statuesque elms, trees help create a beautiful respite from busy city life and allow visitors to commune with nature.

You can directly support the care of all of these majestic plants in the Park by endowing a tree through the Central Park Conservancy’s Tree Trust. Donations of $5,000 and above are acknowledged with the selection of an existing mature tree in the Park, guided by our expert staff. Donors will also receive a granite paving stone at the southern end of Literary Walk, mid-Park at 66th Street.

The locations and tree species highlighted below are just a selection from the total trees available for endowment. To learn more or to locate an available tree, please contact [email protected].

Meet the Trees

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Learn How the Park's Trees Fight Climate Change

Healthy tree canopies play an essential role in combatting the effects of climate change. Tree cover acts like a large, leafy umbrella and has a profound cooling effect. Because of this, it’s increasingly important to care for urban parks and their trees as the planet continues to experience record heat.