Billy Johnson Playground

Billy Johnson Playground, near the East 67th Street entrance and just north of the Tisch Children's Zoo, features swings, sprinklers, and play structures reminiscent of Central Park's landscape.

The playground was designed by pioneering landscape architect M. Paul Friedberg, who envisioned an “adventure playground” that could blend in with the rest of Central Park, using a scale just right for children. Constructed mainly from natural materials, many of the play space’s features mimic other parts of the Park—a rustic wooden play structure by the Conservancy’s in-house crew of skilled craftspersons that looks like the nearby Dene summer house, a stone bridge reminiscent of Gapstow Bridge, and the distinctive 45-foot granite slide that seems to have grown naturally out of the rocky outcropping.

New features like bucket swings, a water feature, and a net to climb above the sand area have been added by the Conservancy during playground renovations.

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