Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo is home to animals from tropical, temperate, and polar regions.

One of its most prominent features is the sea lion pool and tank, located in the center courtyard, which is visible from outside of the Zoo. Other exhibits feature snow leopards, grizzly bears, penguins, and more. The Tisch Children’s Zoo includes numerous exhibits for children and their caregivers, including animals to feed and pet. The Zoo is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Although a zoological garden or menagerie—as zoos were typically called in the 19th century—wasn’t a part of the original plan for Central Park, animals have been on display in the Park since the 1870s. In response to public donations of various animals to the Park, its administration created several temporary enclosures in front of the Arsenal and made plans for a permanent zoo in the North Meadow, which never materialized. In 1934, the Parks Department created a permanent facility consisting of various buildings, the courtyard, and works of sculpture, much of which are still visible today. The Zoo was updated and expanded in 1988.

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