Tarr Family Playground

Tarr Family Playground

At Tarr Family Playground, just west of the North Meadow, young park-goers can scout from the treehouse, climb up a pyramid, or journey across a central bridge stretching over a “lake” of sand. The sand marks the boundary between two areas: one designed for preschoolers, and one for older children. Head east to find the North Meadow Recreation Center, where kids can borrow Field Day Kits with balls, bats, frisbees, and jump ropes.


Rudin Family Playground

West Side at 96th Street


West Side at 100th-103rd Streets

Glenspan Arch

West Side at 102nd Street


West Side at 100th Street

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Age Groups

Pre-school, School-age


Large climber with a tunnel and slides, a modern net climber, a variety of swings for all ages, a wooden tree house, and a concrete maze.

Water Features





Accessible surface, water feature, and transfer to sand area; adaptive swings

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