Center at the Harlem Meer (formerly Lasker Rink and Pool)

The new center at the Harlem Meer will offer new and enhanced outdoor activities, and increase access for communities around the north end of Central Park.

The Central Park Conservancy in partnership with NYC Parks is redeveloping the Lasker Rink and Pool site as a state-of-the-art facility. The new center at the Harlem Meer will be uniquely sited within the context of a restored and enhanced landscape and will continue to accommodate recreational and lap swimming and support a robust skating and hockey program. In addition, it will be open year-round for new community-focused programming. Learn more about this Central Park Conservancy project.

While the facility is under construction, swimmers can use one of many nearby NYC public pools, including: Thomas Jefferson Pool (East Harlem), Marcus Garvey Pool (Central Harlem), Sheltering Arms Pool (Manhattanville/West Harlem), Wagner Pool (East Harlem), Jackie Robinson Pool (North Harlem), Highbridge Pool (Washington Heights), and John Jay Pool (Upper East Side). Swimmers also have the option to use the Riverbank State Pool (West Harlem).

The Park’s other skating facility, Wollman Rink, remains open for ice skating in winter. Hockey players should consult their organization or league regarding plans for the coming seasons.

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