Rumsey Playfield Landscape

Our work on the Rumsey Playfield included the reconstruction of paths and other infrastructure, the addition of new landscape plantings and turf, and restoration of the eastern entrance plaza.

Building upon reconstruction work in adjacent areas of the Park, restoration of the landscape immediately surrounding Rumsey Playfield included:

  • Reconstruction of existing paths and infrastructure, including restoration of existing stairs and the addition of handrails
  • Restoration of the plaza at the eastern entrance to Rumsey Playfield (which features the popular Mother Goose sculpture), including the replacement of existing pavement and benches
  • Restoration of lawn areas, including the addition of new landscape plantings, new irrigation infrastructure, and new turf
The path at Rumsey Playfield before reconstruction Workers reconstructing the path A sun-dappled view of the restored  Rumey Playfield and path

During restoration and after

Landscape and path surrounding Rumsey Playfield prior to restoration; path reconstruction; landscape and path surrounding Rumsey Playfield after restoration